tomato slicer cutting tomatoes Suppliers

tomato slicer cutting tomatoes

tomato slicer cutting tomatoes

tomato slicer cutting tomatoes

Slice Size 3/16 Inches

Type Cutters / Slicers

All-Purpose Vegetables Tomatoes

Power Type Manual

Blade Type Straight

Color Silver

Made in Ningbo, China

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This tomato slicer is designed to quickly cut tomatoes into uniform slices, not only with excellent precision, but also provides a quick and safe alternative to using a chef's knife. By eliminating tedious manual preparations, your kitchen staff can spend less time on cutting boards and more time to participate in other important kitchen tasks, thereby maximizing operational efficiency.

Fenghua Zhuoyue Metal Products Co., Ltd.  Advantage:

1. As a nearly 15 years' manufacturer, we can off you very professional technic service and invariable promise for our quality.

2. Being a production factory, we control all the processes, reduce unnecessary cost and cut the price to a base line for our clients.

3. Customized designs and sizes are available, sample can be made before your ordering

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