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Heat treatment method and characteristics of blade

For short, homogenization (Homogenization) refers to the use of long-term heating at high temperature to fully diffuse the internal chemical components, so it is also called "diffusive annealing". The heating temperature will vary depending on the type of steel. Large steel ingots are usually homogenized between 1200 ° C and 1300 ° C, high carbon steels are between 1100 ° C and 1200 ° C, and generally forged or rolled steel is 1000 This heat treatment is performed at a temperature of from ℃ to 1200 ° C.

※ Full annealing treatment

The complete annealing process heats the hypoeutectoid steel to a temperature range of 30 to 50 ° C above the Ac3 temperature, and the hypereutectoid steel to a temperature range of about 50 ° C above the Ac1 temperature, and maintains this temperature for a sufficient time to make it a single phase in the Voss body. After the microstructure (hypoeutectoid steel) or Vostian body plus cumin carbon mixed structure, the steel is softened by furnace cooling to obtain the ductility and fine grain structure of the steel.


The e-commerce boom in the tooling die industry is coming

"The marketing competition in the mold industry has entered a routine phase from the domestic stage to the international market. There will be a major turning point in international trade." An expert pointed out at the International Mold Technology and Equipment Exhibition in 2008 that China ’s molds will be in the future. The development trend of the industry.

    At present, there are more than 20,000 mold companies in China. As competition intensifies, companies need to break through the inherent sales chain and look for new opportunities. Informatization and e-commerce are quietly changing the mold industry, and even the customary thinking of mold companies. A few days ago, I learned from the forum of "Competition of E-commerce Application of Small and Medium-sized Enterprises in the Mould Industry" held concurrently with the exhibition that it will be a trend for mould companies to apply for e-commerce. Using websites for promotion, building shops, and discussing business on IM All will be e-commerce application points for mold companies. This low-cost, fast dissemination and efficient e-commerce has become a close connection between e-commerce and the mold industry.

The service consciousness of the tool industry is continuously strengthened

Cutting tools are not only a necessity of people's daily life, but also an indispensable part of industrial engineering production. Some people think that knives are small things, and their development can be more promoted by enterprises and markets. This view undoubtedly ignores the development history of China's tool industry. After the founding of the People's Republic of China, the tool industry was set up using the Soviet model. The company was only responsible for the production of standard tools. Non-standard tools and special tools were left to the user industry to study.
    However, with the rapid development of the manufacturing industry, the current general trend is the need for tool companies to provide a large number of personalized solutions. Therefore, this model of the domestic tool industry is increasingly unable to meet market demand.