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tomato slicer, tomato chopper

tomato slicer, tomato chopper

The specially designed blade holder blade of this machine is very sharp, which can make even 3/8 inch thin slices on evenly thick juicy burgers, fresh deli sandwiches and signature foods. Use it to quickly make thin slices to prepare the top of the refrigerator or put a pot of fresh tomatoes on the salad bar! No matter what you prepare, this equipment can ensure that the cut surface is clean and consistent.

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Fenghua Zhuoyue Metal Products Co.,Ltd. is a professional company manufacturing food machinery and components.15 years of quality work,leading industrial competence and committed Zhuoyue people have resulted in Chinese competitive meat mincers,grinders, tomato slicer, tomato chopper, chopper knife blades and plates.90% of our products are OEM made,exported to Europe,North America and the Middle East for major brands.

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