Heavy Duty Grill Scraper Suppliers

Heavy Duty Grill Scraper

Heavy Duty Grill Scraper

Place of Origin: Zhejiang, China

Brand Name: Zhuoyue

Heavy Duty Grill Scraper

Usage: Flat Tops / Griddles

Material:Aluminum ,SS420 Stainless Steel Blade

It can be used for a long time, just unscrew a pair of wing nuts to replace the blade. Use blades when necessary!

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The small slant edge grill scraper is made of high quality Stainless Steel blade with wooden handle. The grill scraper has a good weight and very effective. The heavy duty Aluminum grill scraper works great and cleans grill griddle a breeze

The handle provides more leverage with an ergonomic hand hold. There’s a knob grip for the opposite hand for more control and pressure, so you can safely put more pressure on the blade for better results. No additional tools are required!

It is the industry choice for cleaning commercial and restaurant grills. If use the scraper for grill frequently, recommend to replace the blade once a month. When cleaning the scraper, first remove the blade and use detergent and hot water to clean.

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