The vegetable cutter can not only cut vegetables but also cut boneless meat


There are many kinds of commercial equipment, even a sm […]

There are many kinds of commercial equipment, even a small vegetable cutting equipment, there are still many equipment with different styles and functions. The vegetable cutting machine is a device used in the kitchen to cut vegetables. On demand, it may need to shred, cut, slice, slice, etc., and cut different dishes according to different needs.
Commercial vegetable cutting machine equipment has desktop and vertical. Of course, cutting vegetables does not only depend on the size of the vegetable cutter, but according to whether the function of the vegetable cutter meets the needs of the shop. Because of the different sizes of vegetable cutters, some can only cut fruits and vegetables that are not hard, but some can cut hard potatoes, radishes, etc. Some vegetable cutters can also be used as a meat cutter, and the effect of cutting boneless fresh meat slices and fresh meat shreds is very good.
1. Manual vegetable cutter and electric vegetable cutter
The evolution of commercial equipment is also from simple to complex, and then to the current microcomputer-controlled automation equipment. However, the price of the equipment is so high that some businesses can only choose the simpler manual vegetable cutter equipment.
There are also equipment that combines manual vegetable cutters and electric vegetable cutters. It can be used for manual cutting of vegetables or electric. For example, the vegetable cutter below.
Electric vegetable cutters also have vertical electric vegetable cutters used in larger canteen back kitchens. The power of the equipment is relatively large, but the efficiency is very high. Three carrots can be made into dumpling fillings within 20 seconds through an electric vegetable cutter.
Although the electric vegetable cutter has high power and efficiency, not all fillings and prepared dishes need a large electric vegetable cutter to make. For example, cutting some ginger or garlic, etc., which requires a small manual vegetable cutter, which is more convenient.
2. Why can we say that the vegetable cutter can cut meat?
Compare the cutting blade of the larger vertical vegetable cutting machine with the meat slicer. Sometimes the blades imported from abroad are directly used, no matter what shape it is, if the quality can be guaranteed, it can be used for slicing or shredding fresh meat.
This is why the vegetable cutter is not limited to cutting fruits and vegetables, but can also cut meat. But if the meat to be cut is frozen meat or has bones or the like, you need to use a dedicated bone sawing machine and frozen meat slicer, which will not cause damage to the vegetable cutter equipment.

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