Why does the knife of the meat grinder stop turning when cutting beef and mutton


The electric meat grinder is a machine that is driven b […]

The electric meat grinder is a machine that is driven by a motor and uses a screw to push the meat into the sieve, and uses the rotation of the blade to cut the meat into small pieces. Users can choose screens with different apertures according to their taste.
Shopping points
1. The appearance is fashionable, and the plastic shell is sleek and bright.
Electric meat grinder
Electric meat grinder (4 photos)
2. The machine runs smoothly and the meat is output smoothly.
3. The sieve and blades are made of stainless steel, and food-grade lubricating and anti-rust oil is used.
4. The working part is easy to disassemble and assemble and easy to clean.
5. The product has a formal 3C certification mark and the full name of the manufacturer
Why does the knife of the beef and mutton slicer sometimes stop turning
When some people use the beef and mutton slicer, the knife for cutting beef and mutton often does not rotate, and other feeding devices are still normal and able to operate. Facing such a situation, what effective measures should we take?
First of all, the reason why the beef and mutton slicer has such problems is largely due to its own quality problems. At this time, we should contact the corresponding manufacturer of the product in time, and let their professional and technical personnel come to repair and test.
After the relevant technicians of the beef and mutton slicer have inspected, they will carry out targeted maintenance on the machine based on their professional maintenance knowledge. The reason for this failure is mostly because the circular knife switch device of the slicer is broken. At this time, you should consider changing to a new operation. If it is found after inspection that there are too many pieces of meat on the knife plate, the operator should clean it up in time.
Of course, when we buy beef and mutton slicers, it is more appropriate to choose those big-brand machines.

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