The meat grinder must be operated safely


Continuous improvement of meat grinder performance and […]

Continuous improvement of meat grinder performance and safe operation cannot be ignored

Among the meat processing equipment, there is a kind of mechanical equipment that is necessary for the processing of many meat products, that is, the meat grinder. The sausages and meatballs we usually eat need to be made with this equipment.
At present, the meat grinder is widely used in the production of meat products. It can process the meat into pellets of different specifications according to different technological requirements, and mix it with other raw materials to facilitate the production of diversified products, such as mushrooms and beef balls, Corn sausages etc. With the upgrading of consumption and the rapid development of science and technology, the functions and quality of meat grinders for processing frozen meat, cold meat and other meat in different states have been continuously improved, and frozen meat grinders, cold meat grinders, and mixed meat grinders have appeared. And so on many categories.

  Multi-functional, high-speed performance has been achieved, and safety protection is also important. Meat grinder equipment and meat products have a close contact relationship. To ensure the safety of food, many manufacturers on the market use stainless steel as raw materials.

   Although there is no doubt about the high quality of food with the basis of safety and performance, improper operation in the meat grinder process will also cause some problems that affect the meat quality. Take grinded fat as an example. Fat is more difficult to grin than lean meat. If the proportion of fat input is the same as that of lean meat, it is easy for the equipment to rotate difficultly. The fat is sticky and it is easy to block the hole, so the input amount should be small each time. In addition, fat is easy to melt in a high temperature environment, so the temperature of the production process must be controlled.

  Improper operation of the equipment will bring about the meat quality itself, but also the safety of the staff and the life of the equipment. How to use it to ensure all kinds of safety? First of all, you should pay attention to it before using the meat grinder. It should be washed briefly every time. This kind of pre-cleaning is to wash away some floating dust inside and outside the machine. On the other hand, it will make the meat grinder more smooth in subsequent use. .

  Secondly, in terms of installation, it should be noted that after each use of the meat grinder, the equipment should be placed in a wooden cabinet in the form of loose parts, and then assembled after it is completely dried. The cleaning of the meat grinder is also very technical. The equipment is disassembled in the opposite direction, and the meat foam or meat pieces inside are cleaned out. The machine is put into the warm water with detergent, and the toothbrush and other tools are used. Wash all the missing parts one by one, and then rinse again with tap water.

   From the brief analysis of the meat grinder, we can understand that this equipment plays a very important role in the production of meat products, and many products cannot be made without it. The innovations in the quality and performance of the equipment are also obvious to all. Machinery manufacturing enterprises play a certain role in the development of the meat processing industry, and only good equipment can produce food. In order to realize the great value of the meat grinder, all aspects of operation methods, production technology, performance and efficiency must be taken into consideration, so as to realize safe and safe production.

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