The meat grinder needs to be cleaned and disinfected in time


After many people buy meat, they let the stall owner us […]

After many people buy meat, they let the stall owner use a meat grinder to process it into meat filling, which is much more convenient than processing it at home. However, the meat grinders at many meat stalls cannot be cleaned and disinfected in time, which may bring germs into the meat and affect the health of consumers.

During an interview recently at several raw meat sales stalls in Haibian Street and other places, the reporter found that many consumers asked the stall owners to process the meat into meat fillings, and the stall owners happily threw the cut meat directly into the meat grinder. Wash the meat. The reporter observed that the sanitary condition of the meat grinders used by some meat stalls is not optimistic. The owner of a butcher shop just played cards with his friends in the small restaurant next door. After putting down the cards in his hand, he processed meat fillings for customers without washing his hands.

It is understood that most meat grinders on meat stalls do not take scientific and standardized cleaning and disinfection measures after they are used up. Some can't even rinse them with water. They just wipe the surface and use them again the next day. After each meat grinding, a part of the meat scraps will remain inside the meat grinder. When the meat is ground next time, the remaining meat will be mixed into the fresh meat. If the meat scraps are kept in the meat grinder for a little longer, some germs and other microorganisms will grow and multiply, and even produce toxins. Especially in summer, the residue in the meat grinder can easily deteriorate.

In addition, the reporter learned that after slaughtering, transportation, and marketing, fresh meat will adhere to some dirt on its surface. It will be put into a meat grinder and ground into meat without disinfection or simple cleaning, which adheres to the meat. Dirt and germs on the surface will then be brought into the meat. At the same time, the meat grinder needs to add lubricating oil from time to time. If the addition is improperly operated or the meat grinder is aging, it may also allow inedible mechanical lubricating oil to be mixed into the meat. Under these conditions, if the temperature and time of the cooked meat are not enough for the consumer to kill the germs, it is easy to have gastrointestinal discomfort and even food poisoning after eating.

A person in charge of the Municipal Sanitation Supervision Office said that although the relevant laws and regulations do not have specific requirements for the cleaning and disinfection of meat grinders, businesses should keep their processing tools clean and hygienic when processing meat fillings. Some people also suggest that consumers should choose stalls with good sanitary conditions or formal chain stores to process meat, or simply go home and process them to ensure food hygiene and safety.

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