Meat grinder manufacturing companies need to focus on the automation and intelligence of meat grinder equipment


  After being acquired by these companies, meat product […]

  After being acquired by these companies, meat products can be processed into a variety of foods, such as stuffed buns, meatballs, sausages, ham, bacon, etc. There are also many equipments that need to be used, such as meat cutting equipment, meat grinder equipment, chopping equipment, flesh and blood separation equipment, etc. Among them, the meat grinder can process raw meat into granular meat fillings of different specifications according to different technological requirements, so as to achieve the next step of forming and mixing fillings. This requirement seems simple, but it is not easy in reality, because the operation of this step directly determines the quality of the subsequent finished product.
   There are two factors that affect the quality of the finished product. One is temperature, because high temperature is easier to destroy the taste of meat, and wringing will inevitably generate heat due to friction. Generally, the temperature difference between the warm meat before and after the meat grinder should be controlled within 2℃. The smaller the temperature difference, the better the performance of the meat grinder. The second is the gap. If the metal sieve of the meat grinder does not fit enough with the blade, the gap will cause the meat tissue membrane and connective tissue to wrap around the blade, which will damage the meat tissue cells and weaken the weight and force of the added fat. Poor adhesion affects the quality of the final product.


   When it comes to meat grinders, safety is something I have to mention. Safety here refers to both food safety and the personal safety of operators. First of all, food safety. Some manufacturers add testing equipment at the front end of the production line to analyze the original materials for food safety and nutritional composition, such as detection of protein content in meat, clenbuterol, foreign body detection, etc., to ensure the nutritional content of the finished product , Flavor and food safety. The personal safety of the operator is to add some protective measures to the meat grinder, such as replacing the sharp edges that hurt the operator with a smooth panel to prevent accidents due to human negligence. For a single meat grinder, there are currently two biggest problems affecting the personal safety of the operator. One is that the import of the meat grinder still needs to be manually poured, and the other is that the meat from the meat grinder still needs the help of a food truck. Push the material into the chopper. These two places are very easy to cause injury to the staff, and the staff need to be extra careful and standardize the operation. For meat grinders connected to the entire production line, elevators and conveyor belts can solve this safety problem.
   Food safety can be more than one thing, it needs cleaning to ensure safety. At present, meat grinders on the market are basically manually disassembled and cleaned. This cleaning method is more limited by artificial impressions, and people may not clean them and accidentally injure themselves. Under the wave of intelligent automation, meat grinders must get rid of the dilemma of low-price competition and low technological content. It is necessary to increase research and development efforts to promote the upgrading and innovation of meat machinery. In this process, it is necessary to formulate complete equipment technical specifications, strictly organize the design, manufacturing and application of food machinery, raise the barriers to entry in the equipment industry, and strengthen the protection of intellectual property rights in the equipment industry.
   At present, China is the world's largest meat production and consumption country. The rapid development of quick-frozen meat products has become the new economic pillar of domestic meat processing enterprises. Among these, meat grinder equipment will play a huge role, and meat grinder manufacturers need to focus on improving the automation and intelligence of meat grinder equipment to produce more efficient, convenient and safe equipment.

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