The convenience of the meat grinder is worrying about hygiene behind


   At present, most shops selling pork in Chengdu are e […]

   At present, most shops selling pork in Chengdu are equipped with meat grinders to meet the needs of customers. However, when you go home carrying shredded pork, minced meat, and meat slices with joy, have you ever thought of the hidden hygiene hazards behind the convenience?
  Investigation: The health situation is worrying
Most customers like to touch them with their hands when choosing meat products. Consumers shopping here told reporters that if the meat is directly made into slices and shredded meat without washing, it is difficult to guarantee the sanitary condition.
   "Is the inside of the meat grinder clean?" Is it cleaned every day? Regarding this question, the owner of the shop said: "The machine is sealed and very clean, so the cleaning time is not fixed."
   During the investigation and interview, many citizens said that they had not noticed that the meat grinder still had the problem of "hygienic dead ends".
  Be sure to wash before processing
Regarding whether the meat grinder has the problem of hygiene concerns? Some butchers do not have clean water sources around, and businesses often reuse a basin of water to clean the meat to be minced, and even more directly put the meat into the meat grinder. , Dust, dirt and some pathogenic bacteria adhering to the surface of the meat will exist in the meat products, and consumers may cause gastrointestinal discomfort after eating.
   In addition, if the meat grinder is not cleaned in time, the remaining minced meat can easily breed bacteria at a suitable temperature.
Therefore, the staff suggested that the meat must be washed first when using a meat grinder to grind meat. At the same time, businesses should also clean up in time to ensure food safety.

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