How to sharpening you knife


sharpening you knife Well, unless you sharpen it proper […]

sharpening you knife

Well, unless you sharpen it properly, your money will be wasted. Ideally, every time you use it - you can choose from the following ways:

The sharpening method in Europe is to use "steel". Old steel is a cylindrical metal rod with grooves, but modern steel is ceramic or diamond coated and more efficient. When using steel, it is important to maintain the correct angle (20-30 degrees, depending on the style of the knife), otherwise the disadvantages may outweigh the advantages in the end. Flat diamond steel is never passivated and is more abrasive, so it can work quickly, but be careful because any mistakes are exaggerated. The working speed of ceramic steel is slow, but less metal is removed, so the service life of the knife can be prolonged.

Mini wearable sharpener with knife edge and ceramic wheel placed at ideal angle to provide perfect finish, which is a safe way to re sharpen the knife.

The traditional method of grinding Japanese knives is to grind them on a flat abrasive surface called a grindstone. Binders with various grinding surfaces for honing blades are obtained relatively cheaply. Some tools also provide guidelines to ensure that the correct angle is maintained when sharpening the tool.

Tools can be sharpened professionally, but make sure they know exactly what they are doing: too much metal on the grinder will do more harm than good.

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