How to use the meat grinder safely


The electric meat grinder is a machine that is driven b […]

The electric meat grinder is a machine that is driven by a motor and uses a screw to push the meat into the sieve, and uses the rotation of the blade to cut the meat into small pieces. Users can choose screens with different apertures according to their taste.
Shopping points
1. Stylish appearance, smooth and bright plastic shell.
2. The machine runs smoothly and the meat is output smoothly.
3. The sieve and blade are made of stainless steel, and food-grade lubricating and antirust oil is used.
4. The working part is easy to disassemble and assemble and easy to clean.
5. The product has a formal 3C certification mark and the full name of the manufacturer



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Safe use of meat grinder:

1. Rinse    Before each use of the meat grinder, it is necessary to rinse briefly. Generally speaking, the meat grinder is cleaned in time after the last time it is used up. The cleaning before use is mainly to wash away the floating dust inside and outside the machine. Another advantage is that the rinsing before use will make the minced meat easier and smoother, and will also make the cleaning after work easier.

2. Installation    Many people like to install the machine completely after each mincing, but this method is not preferable. Ideally, after each use, the cleaned meat grinder should be placed in a wooden cabinet in the form of loose parts, or it should be completely dried before being assembled. It is not suitable to be assembled immediately.installation starts with the assembly. First, feed the roller into the machine cavity. In order to reduce wear, drop a drop of cooking oil on the shaft, and then install the knife head on the roller, paying attention to the knife edge facing outward. Then install the leak to the cutter head, gently shake to make the three fit closely with the machine cavity, and then install the solid nut to the outside of the leak, pay attention to the tightness, too loose will cause the meat to leak from the side seam, too tight will Damage to the wire mouth. Install the twist handle after zui, pay attention to the handle facing outwards, align the notch with the rear sleeve, and then screw on the firm screw.It is relatively simple to install the machine, the most important thing is to choose a suitable fixing, such as a relatively large wooden chopping board, align the bite to the chopping board, and tighten the fastening screws behind the edge. Because the meat is relatively hard, it is best to use a screwdriver and other tools to help the machine when fixing the machine to prevent the machine from loosening during work.

3. Operation   The real ground meat is relatively simple, because it is more forceful, so it is best for men to operate it, and two people can also cooperate. If it is mincing dumplings, it is better to mince a green onion before mincing the meat, which will save a lot of effort. Wash the meat, cut into long strips, and slowly feed in (the more meat you feed, the more effort it takes). After the meat is minced, you can also mince a green onion, or vegetables such as potatoes. To put it bluntly, this is a kind of cleansing in disguise, which can also reduce the waste of minced meat.

4. For cleaning, prepare clean toothbrushes, test tube brushes and other auxiliary supplies, and then unload the machine in the opposite direction to clean out the fleshy meat in the machine cavity, and then soak the machine in warm water containing detergent. Clean all parts one by one with a toothbrush, etc., and then rinse twice with tap water. Put it in a cool and ventilated place to control dry.

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