How to deal with rust on the meat grinder


When meat grinders show rust, many people are reluctant […]

When meat grinders show rust, many people are reluctant to continue using them. Because I think that the rust part will penetrate into the meat as the meat is grinded, and I think it will contaminate the meat. Then, when the meat grinder is used for a period of time, how should the meat grinder be derusted to ensure that there is no rust on the inside and surface of the meat grinder?
You need to disassemble the meat grinder first, and then clean every part. Please refer to your owner's manual for specific instructions on how to disassemble your personal meat grinder.

First of all, you should thoroughly wash every part of the meat grinder with soap and water.

Then, grab the big bucket and fill it with boiling hot water.

Then add a tablespoon of water to bleach your bucket.

Now, you can submerge each piece of meat grinder and pour the water and bleach into the bucket. After soaking in bleaching, each part of the run is then passed through regular water.

Then wipe each part with a dry cloth to keep rust from occurring. Don't let your meat grinder parts air dry, because you might encourage it to rust.
Alternatively, you can store the rice grains of a single piece of meat grinder to prevent moisture from getting in. This is ideal if you only use your meat grinder in rare situations and want to keep it rust free and normal plastic bag. If this is not an option, you should at least be sure to keep one area dry and moisture-free that is stored in your meat grinder.


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