How to sharpen the meat grinder blade not fast


The reamers  Meat Mincer Plates manufacturers produce a […]

The reamers  Meat Mincer Plates manufacturers produce are all flat grinders or round table grinders to process the cutting edges. It is not recommended that users sharpen the cutting edges by themselves. No experience and no understanding of the processing technology. Problems are prone to problems. It is best to ask the seller of the meat grinder or find The manufacturer of the reamer performs professional processing, which is the safest way

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Grinding method of meat grinder cutter:
  Select the abrasive according to the material of the reamer. When grinding high-speed steel and alloy tool steel reamers, a mixture of oxide abrasives, machine oil, kerosene, and pure diesel oil can be used as an abrasive.
   When the cemented carbide reamer is polished, diamond or boron carbide powder can be used, and the oil can be adjusted into a thin paste state according to the above-mentioned method as an abrasive or diamond abrasive paste can be used directly.
  Meat grinder blade is an improvement of the existing hand-operated meat grinder blade. Its main feature is to make the straight edge cutting edge of the blade incline a certain angle relative to the radial line of the blade, and make a positive rake angle on the cutting edge, and at the same time select the number of moving and fixed blade cutting edges according to a certain rule. The above structure reduces the working cutting angle and reduces the cutting force. In use, the cutting is continuous, stable, labor-saving, without mixing, and there is no dehydration of meat cells in the process of minced meat.

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