How to grind the meat grinder blade


1. How to grind the meat grinder blade For household us […]

1. How to grind the meat grinder blade
For household use, remove the blade and polish it with fine sandpaper, No. 0. Borax grains for industrial use can be directly placed in a meat grinder.
2. How to clean the minced meat on the meat grinder blade
The best way to clean the minced meat on the meat grinder blade grinder is to disassemble and clean, so that the cleaning is the most clean and thorough. If you find it troublesome, you can put some bread and steamed buns in the meat grinder after the meat is minced, then you can take out the fat and minced meat that are stuck in the meat, and then it is easy to clean it.
The pasta used for cleaning the meat grinder will not be wasted and can be used for croquettes. After a period of time in summer, it is best to decompose the meat grinder and clean it so that it can be cleaned thoroughly.
The meat grinder, as its name implies, is a tool for processing inner products. Generally used in meat processing enterprises, the meat is processed into granular meat with different specifications and shapes according to different requirements. It is mainly composed of three structures: feeding mechanism, cutting mechanism and driving mechanism. The internal structure includes rack, reamer, and extruder. Meat sample plate, screw cap, twisting cage, pattern tube, hopper, reducer, motor, etc.

When the meat grinder works, it uses the shearing action formed by the cutting blade and the orifice blade to cut the raw meat, and the raw material is continuously discharged out of the machine under the action of the screw extrusion force. The meat grinder has a wide range of uses, including the cutting and processing of all kinds of fresh meat, frozen meat, pig skin, chicken skeleton, fish, fruits, and vegetables. At the same time, the knives can be adjusted or replaced at will according to actual use requirements. Users can purchase corresponding knives and orifice plates according to their own needs, and process the meat into different sizes to meet the process requirements of the next process.

Meat grinders are generally made of high-quality cast iron or stainless steel, which does not pollute the processed materials and meets food hygiene standards.
In recent years, household meat grinders have gradually come into people’s field of vision. Household meat grinders use 220V power supply. They can also crush onions, garlic, peanuts, peppers and other foods while crushing meat, making them a good helper for household cooking. . Household meat grinder motors are relatively strong, and the rotation force will be large. It is easy to heat during use. It is recommended that the continuous use time should not exceed 1 minute to extend the service life of the household meat grinder.

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