How to properly operate and maintain a meat grinder


The meat grinder is a meat processing company that proc […]

The meat grinder is a meat processing company that processes raw meat into granular meat fillings of different specifications according to different technological requirements during the production process. It is suitable for all kinds of frozen meat, fresh meat, chicken skeleton, duck skeleton, pig skin, cowhide, Chicken skin, fish, fruits, vegetables, sausages, ham sausage, luncheon meat, meatballs, salty flavors, pet food and other meat products industries.
Learning to operate and maintain the meat grinder correctly will effectively extend the service life of the machine:

1. The way to power on the meat grinder must be correct:

Before turning on the meat grinder, check whether the power supply voltage is stable within the normal range, then open the hopper and take out the spare parts in the hopper. Remove the mouth ring, take out the castor, knife, and twist shaft. After the power is connected, face the meat grinder bobbin, press the switch, and see the rotation direction of the output shaft at the bottom of the cylinder. If installed correctly, the engine will run counterclockwise. If it is wrong, replace the power phase sequence. The M8 or M6 bolt on the lower rear of the machine is an "equipotential grounding terminal" and should be grounded by a professional electrician in accordance with regulations. The grounding hole of the power socket or the green-yellow of the equipment power cord should be firmly grounded. The fixed circuit must be equipped with a cutting electrode with all-pole disconnection and a contact distance ≥ 3mm.

2. To install the winch shaft, knife grate and other accessories correctly:

When the twisting shaft rotates in the correct direction, install the twisting shaft, knife, grate, and mouth ring in turn. When installing the winch shaft, the long slot at its tail should be fitted with the long wedge on the output shaft; install the knife blade on the square shaft at the front end of the winch shaft; install the grate on the front end of the winch shaft. On the square shaft, fit well with the pin at the mouth of the reaming cylinder, screw on the mouth ring. Tighten the mouth ring and then buckle it back to an appropriate level. The meat can be minced after the machine runs normally.

3. How to adjust the tightness of the triangle belt?

When using the machine, if the V-belt is found to be too loose or too tight, stop it first. For the vertical meat grinder, open the round hole door under the electrical box, loosen the nut to adjust the position of the motor. After proper adjustment, lock the nut to use; after the desktop meat grinder opens the chassis, loosen the nut and adjust the bolt Then lock Luo Mu tightly.

4. How to clean the machine?

Do not rinse directly with water! Don't let the appliance get damp! In order to avoid leakage, electric shock or affect the use. The mouth ring should be unscrewed, the castor, knife and reaming shaft should be taken out, and then installed after cleaning, for the next use.

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