How to improve the service life of molds and tools


The instability of metallic and non-metallic materials […]

The instability of metallic and non-metallic materials will cause instability in production. The problem of over-reliance on labor has been haunting us. In order to ensure the accuracy of processing dimensions, increase wear resistance, increase elasticity, and eliminate stress, this can improve The quality of the product reduces the cost.
Ultra-cold technology is a processing technology that can be used in forming tools, knives, and parts after the material is heat-treated, which can stabilize the precise dimensions of the material, improve the wear resistance of the material, and restore the mechanical properties of the material.
The treatment of the material by the ultra-cold technology is not limited to the surface treatment of the material, but also penetrates into the internal structure of the material, reflecting the overall effect, especially the regrind of the cutting tool, without affecting the structure, and can be used repeatedly, and the performance is comparable. The coating technology is better. The ultra-cold treatment technology can effectively reduce the quenching stress and enhance the dimensional stability of the workpiece.
In the face of the transformation and upgrading of the industrial structure, the competitiveness of traditional industries must make correct changes. The guarantee of product quality will change from competitive conditions to survival conditions. The improvement of the efficiency of industrial products is a problem faced by industrialists. However, the basic engineering of metal materials is even more important. The basic work of heat treatment has improved the quality of industrial products. Although heat treatment has given life to metal materials, the service life and effectiveness are still short. In addition to the previous heat treatment, the complete basic engineering also includes the subsequent metal ultra-cold treatment, which is the basic work to ensure product quality.

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