The cleaning skills of the meat grinder


Many families like to buy a meat grinder, and the food […]

Many families like to buy a meat grinder, and the food they make is safe and healthy; but do you know how to clean a meat grinder? How does the meat grinder work?

First, the cleaning skills of the meat grinder

1. Can not be washed directly with water

Do not rinse with water directly to avoid electric leakage, electric shock or affect the use. The mouth ring should be unscrewed, the castor, knife and reaming shaft should be taken out, and then reinstalled after cleaning, for the next use.

2. Use a toothbrush, etc. to clean

Prepare a clean toothbrush and other ancillary supplies. In order to clean out the minced meat in the machine cavity, first unload the machine in the opposite direction. After unloading, soak the machine in warm water containing detergent and use all the parts. Wash toothbrushes and other cleaning supplies one by one, and then rinse twice with tap water.

3. Use detergent

All parts can be cleaned with warm water and medium-sized cleaning agents. Do not clean the machine with industrial cleaning agents, iron brushes, and cleaning utensils that damage the surface of the machine; after cleaning, put it in a cool, ventilated place and let it dry.

4. Regular cleaning

Clean the machine at least once a day (or more than once), mainly to wash away the floating dust inside and outside the machine. The washing before use will make the meat more relaxed and smooth, and it will also make the cleaning after work easier; in cleaning Make sure that all parts are dry before regrouping.

The working principle of the meat grinder

The meat grinder installs the meat grinder orifice plate close to the reamer at the front end of the screw feeder. The nut is fixed on the head of the machine with a pressure plate nut, and the motor drives the screw conveyor and the reamer to rotate together. The trimmed raw meat pieces are added from the feed hopper and fall into the screw feeder due to gravity. With the rotation of the screw shaft, the raw meat is squeezed out of the holes in the orifice plate, and then passes between the reamer and the orifice plate. The inter-cutting action cuts off the meat and drains it from the holes of the tightening nut through the orifice plate to reach the day when the meat is minced.

After the above introduction, everyone has an understanding of the working principle of the meat grinder, right? You can buy according to your own actual situation. Don't blindly follow the trend to avoid buying inferior products; when you use the meat grinder daily, you should pay attention to the maintenance of the meat grinder, regularly clean the meat grinder, and extend the use time of the product. The cleaning tips above can help everyone.

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