Different uses of meat grinder


Since the start of civilization humans have loved to ea […]

Since the start of civilization humans have loved to eat meat; initially it was eaten raw and then we learned to cook it in the fire. It is still very popular among the people and so non-vegetarian outnumbers vegetarians even now. The US is one of the largest consumers of meat in the world. It is an integral part of the culture and society of US and so it is prepared in occasions like anniversaries, parties, holidays like thanksgiving, Christmas etc. It is eaten in various forms as there are lots of methods to prepare it to suit the taste buds of different people.

Meat Grinders:

These are machines which are used to grind or mince meat (mainly raw). They are widely used in food processing and manufacturing companies on a large scale and the smaller versions are used in restaurants and homes. Nowadays, they are electronic devices that have grinding plates and knives attached to a funnel; in the funnel the raw product is inserted and once the machine is switched on, the knife rotates to mice or grind the flesh in to a pulpy form.

Industrial Usage:

Industries that manufacturers various food items use them for their animal based products. Fast Food Giants also use them on a regular basis. These are highly advanced electronic motors based machines that can grind tons of flesh every day.

Home Usage:

People use the meat grinders at their homes to mince the flesh in order to prepare various beef and pork dishes like sausages, ham etc. These machines are also used to mince chicken for certain recipes. People find them advantageous from various aspects and so they have become part of the kitchen appliances of quite a few people. These machines come in very handy when the need to prepare food on a large scale arises. For example, during any parties or special occasions, a lot of recipes based on minced meat can be cooked very fast and will be a great time saver.

The ones used at homes are either manual, i.e. hand operated or electrical machines. In the manual ones, you need to exert physical pressure in order to complete the process of grinding; they are not so expensive however, it does take a lot of effort to operate them. The electronic meat grinders are similar to any other mixer or grinding machines and can be easily operated without much effort.

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