What are the influencing factors of round blade wear


Round inserts are usually sturdy and durable with bette […]

Round inserts are usually sturdy and durable with better cutting performance, but there will definitely be a certain degree of wear after a long time of use, and this wear strength is related to the following key factors.


The hard and wear resistance of the round blade is good, but at the same time the toughness is lower. Hardness and toughness are opposite, which is also an aspect that needs to be improved. If it is a graphite round blade, the material can be selected with better toughness.

Surface coating

Diamond-coated round blades have the advantages of high hardness, good wear resistance, and low friction coefficient. It is currently the ideal manufacturing method. However, the production cost is relatively high, and the current domestic technology in this area is not mature enough. Graphite coated round blades are widely used and have strong practicability.

Therefore, if you want to reduce the wear strength of the round blade, you can give priority to materials and coatings.

In recent years, in the fiercely competitive processing industry, how to improve the wear resistance of high-quality blades and improve the production efficiency of blades has always been the main point of continuous efforts for manufacturing companies to improve. Companies continue to improve the durability of steel through continuous product updates. Improve the level of heat treatment, increase the hardness of heat treatment and the parallelism of the product to achieve higher durability, as well as the steel and processing technology used in product manufacturing. These are important factors affecting the wear resistance of the product. In order to achieve high blade efficiency Durable, introduced into the new tool manufacturing technology, through the appropriate processing procedures, implemented to the efficient processing method, in the processing technology, tool grinding occupies a more important position, although the tool purchased by the user only accounts for 10% of the total production cost %, but high-quality blades can increase the processing efficiency of enterprises by more than one-fifth, and wear-resistant and durable blade products can save enterprises up to about one-fifth of the production and processing costs. By improving the accuracy of the blades, the slitting can be greatly improved The efficiency of the company directly improves production efficiency and provides a guarantee for enterprises to gain competitiveness in the market.

Therefore, it is more important to choose the correct blade product. A high-quality blade can shorten the processing cycle and reduce the energy consumption of a single product. The company can not only obtain high productivity, but also save energy, and improve productivity by solving parallel accuracy. There is no vibration in processing, optimizing the wear phenomenon caused by vibration in production, and further improving productivity. This is the advantage of high-precision round blades. High-precision products can improve processing performance to varying degrees. Vibration-absorbing design and smooth processing design can greatly reduce power Consumption, while reaping high production efficiency.

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