Ways to improve the life of the meat grinder plate!


Many people frequently replace the meat grinder plate, […]

Many people frequently replace the meat grinder plate, not because it is inappropriate, but because the meat grinder plate is easily worn during the working process.
The reason is due to quality problems on the one hand, and improper maintenance on the other hand. A good meat grinder must be well maintained to have a great effect. So, how to improve the service life of the meat grinder plate?

1. Cannot be used frequently. Any machine has its lifespan. We cannot extend its lifespan indefinitely, as long as we improve it. For me, it's mainly fair use. Many companies don't pay attention to maintenance, so they use it all day long. No matter how good the quality is, they will not bear such a heavy workload.

2. Pay attention to the flatness of the blade. The machine should also be stable. No matter which type is used, it will generate a lot of heat. At this time, if you do not pay attention to the smoothness, conflicts are easy to occur, and it takes a little time to lubricate the machine. On the one hand, it is for maintenance, on the other hand, it can increase the operating power.

3. Wash more. The meat grinder plate also needs to be cleaned. In many cases, we must pay attention to the arrangement of the meat grinder plate so that there is no conflict when working, so that the purpose of maintenance can be further achieved.


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