How to prevent corrosion of commercial multifunctional vegetable cutter


As a food machine, commercial multifunctional vegetable […]

As a food machine, commercial multifunctional vegetable cutters often come into contact with various food materials and materials. These materials are acidic and alkaline. These chemicals will affect the vegetable cutter, fruit and vegetable. The main parts of the washing machine cause various degrees of corrosion, especially in the rainy season, dark and humid, it is more likely to cause problems with various parts and equipment, so everyone needs to do the following:
1. When not using the vegetable cutter or fruit and vegetable washing machine for a long time, please place it in a dry and ventilated place.
2. It needs to be cleaned in time after each use, to ensure cleanliness, and to ensure that there are no food materials, materials, and residues.
3. Lubricate key parts and screws regularly. In view of the particularity of this food machine, high-quality olive oil can be used for lubrication.
4. Regularly check the key parts of the commercial multi-function vegetable cutter, and do a good job of maintenance. No matter how good the machine is, no one will maintain it carefully, and the service life will not be long after all.
The implementation of unified raw material procurement, processing, and distribution, streamlined complex preliminary processing operations, simplified operating positions, and specialized procedures, which is conducive to improving the standardization and industrialization of the catering industry. It is a necessary condition for the catering industry to achieve standardized operations. On the basis of a certain scale, it can produce scale benefits, so that the labor of the family kitchen can be socialized, and the safety of the citizens' table can be guaranteed more scientifically.

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