The importance of self-grinding of meat grinder knives for maintenance


With the continuous development of blade materials, the […]

With the continuous development of blade materials, the shape of the Meat Mincer Plate is constantly changing. It started with a solid tool, followed by a blade with a cemented carbide blade inlaid on the shank, and then a clip-on blade with the blade fastened to the shank or body. Blade grinding also appeared on the market immediately.


The mechanical blade is used by installing the integral superhard blade with effective cutting edge on the original toolholder or cutter body by the method of machine stake. If the effective cutting edge is all trimmed and discarded, it is used as an indexable blade. use. Meat grinder blades have found that especially with the popularity of CNC machine tools, indexable blades can accurately determine the position of the tip of the knife, otherwise it needs to be re-grinded. This has made a great contribution to labor saving and improved productivity. However, it is simply discarded. Considering the limited resources, it is necessary to conduct research on saving resources. Therefore, blade grinding has always been a very resource-saving performance.
The emergence of super cemented carbide made by powder metallurgy in meat grinders has made it possible to cut harder materials at higher speeds and higher efficiency. What prevents the emergence of artificial diamonds and cubes Practical use of sintered tools such as CBN. The blades of this material are difficult to make, and it is also difficult to grind the blades.
   On the other hand, compared to this super-hard blade material, the so-called front steel has to re-evaluate its performance improvement. Meat grinder blades know that in the material types, the front steel is divided into tungsten series and platinum series, with a wide variety of types and a wide range of uses, especially in the fields where forming tools and cemented carbide have disadvantages in the low speed range. Due to the variety of blade materials, shapes and types, the conditions for blade grinding are also different. Therefore, knowledge about the blade material, the shape of the tool tip, the selection of the grinding wheel, and the method of blade grinding are becoming more and more important.


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