Operating the meat grinder must ensure the safety of personnel


1 The operator must be familiar with the performance an […]

1 The operator must be familiar with the performance and specifications of the meat grinder and the role of each component to ensure safe operation.
2 The meat grinder must have a dedicated person in charge, the operator must have neat clothes and hats, and the sleeves must not be too long, and the energy must be concentrated during the operation, and no rashes.
3 Before use, check the meat grinder to check whether there are obstacles in the transmission components, whether lubricating positions are filled with lubricating oil, whether each safety protection device is reliable, whether the nozzle blade is in good condition, whether there is looseness, whether the meat grinder Clean and clean.
4 There should be no water in your hands when the switch is activated. Run the empty machine first, and observe whether there is any abnormality. The empty machine time should not be too long to prevent damage to the meat grinder knives. Operation with gloves is prohibited.

5 It is strictly forbidden to "hand into the meat grinder mouth" when grinding meat, do not press in with your hands when entering the meat, use chopsticks or wooden sticks to press down, and do not use metal tools to press the meat to prevent the cage from touching the metal tools and ejecting Wound people and damage the meat grinder.
6 The meat must be added evenly and not too much to avoid damage to the motor. If the machine is found to be running abnormally, the power supply should be cut off immediately and the cause should be checked after shutdown.
7 The pieces of meat entering the meat should not be too large, and should be cut into thin strips. The meat should not have bones and skins to prevent the meat grinder from jamming. If the meat grinder is jammed, it should be shut down immediately and not forced to operate.
8 After the operation is completed, disconnect the power supply and clean the cage to ensure food hygiene. When cleaning the meat grinder, it is strictly forbidden to rinse the electrical parts with water to avoid electric shock or burn the motor.
9 If a meat grinder or electrical appliance is found to be faulty, it must be shut down immediately. It is strictly forbidden to disassemble the mechanical and electrical parts without permission, and must be repaired by professional maintenance personnel.




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