Maintenance of kitchen knives


Maintenance of kitchen knives Knives are tools for food […]

Maintenance of kitchen knives

Knives are tools for food preparation operations and indispensable items in hotel kitchen supplies. Doing a good job in the cleaning and maintenance of hotel kitchen knives can not only extend the service life of knives, but also quickly process dishes, and also improve the efficiency of chefs. Very good. Maintenance method of hotel kitchen knives:

First, cut bones and meat should be used separately for different purposes. Knives are not suitable for cutting or cutting hard objects such as metal and wood.

Second, when cutting bones, it is advisable to use the heel of the blade to contact the bones. At the same time, choose the obtuse angle of the blade to cut the bone and drop the knife vertically. If the bone bites the knife edge, it is not advisable to shake it from side to side to try to pull out the knife edge. The correct method is to lift the bone and the knife together and chop again until the bone breaks. Otherwise, it will cause the blade edge to break steel into an arc-shaped gap, which is improper use and is not covered by the warranty.

Third, after each use, the knives should be washed, wiped dry, smeared with cooked cooking oil, and placed in a ventilated, dry place, away from water and gas stoves to prevent rust.

Fourth, the traditional anti-rust method is to soak the carbon steel knife with rice swill to prevent rust. If the knife has rust, this method can be used.

As the soul item in the kitchen, knives must be cleaned and maintained. This not only saves the hotel's financial expenditure, but also allows the chef to make more delicious dishes, which is a very necessary thing.

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