How to extend the service life of a household meat grinder


As the name implies, the meat grinder is a tool for int […]

As the name implies, the meat grinder is a tool for internal processing. At first, it is generally used in meat processing companies to process the meat into granular meat with different specifications and shapes according to different requirements. With people's pursuit of health and increasing hobbies for cooking, meat grinders have begun to enter the kitchens of ordinary people and become an ordinary household kitchen appliance.

With the continuous development of household meat grinders, it can not only grind meat, but also derive many functions, such as kneading meatballs, making salads and juices. Its convenient performance characteristics are also very popular with people, but some are not Incorrect and irregular use methods always invisibly damage the meat grinder and shorten the service life of the household meat grinder. So what are the correct ways to use a household meat grinder? Let's discuss it together today!

One thing that many friends ignore when using a household meat grinder is that the meat grinder needs to be cleaned even before use. The main purpose of the simple rinse before use is to remove the floating dust and other substances in the machine. In addition, it also makes the meat more grinder. Easy process, convenient for cleaning after work.

In addition, after cleaning the machine, there are some points to pay attention to in the installation of the meat grinder: when installing, put the roller into the machine cavity, drip a few drops of edible oil on the shaft, and install the knife head on the roller. When the knife edge is facing outward. Install the leak on the cutter head so that it fits into the machine cavity. Installing the twister is the last step. Pay attention to the handle facing outward and align it with the notch and insert it.

In the process of using the meat grinder, when putting the meat, the skin and bones of the meat should be removed first, and then cut into long strips. Be careful not to chop too much, add the meat from the feed port, and then turn the handle clockwise. , When the hand feels a bit heavy when turning, it means that the meat has come out. When the hand feels light when turning, it means that there is no meat in it and you need to continue adding meat. It is recommended to pause every 20 seconds. If you want the machine to perform its functions for a long time, when the motor has heat, peculiar smell and other abnormal conditions, you must stop it to cool down before using it, otherwise it will shorten its service life. , Or cause the motor to burn out. Do not use it continuously for more than 1 minute.

After the machine is used up, it must be completely disassembled, washed with water or hot water and detergent, and then wiped dry; the blade can be coated with some cooking oil to prevent rust. The meat grinder can use a toothbrush and other tools to disassemble the machine in the opposite direction to wash out the meat foam in the machine cavity, and then put the machine in the warm water of detergent, gently clean the parts with a toothbrush, and finally put it in a cool place Air dry naturally.

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