Common sense of using knives


Commonly used Chinese style kitchen knives include thre […]

Commonly used Chinese style kitchen knives include three kinds of knives, chopping knives and piping knives. The slice knife is the main knife in Chinese food. It is mainly used for cutting vegetables. It is a necessary knife in the general family. Cooking masters can use a blade knife to complete all the knife procedures. The blade is square, and the general size is five to three rectangles, and the back of the blade is generally about four millimeters. There are three models of large, medium and small blades on the market. The size of the blade should be selected according to the specific needs of the user. In general home cooking, the most commonly used knives are knives, so knives should be carefully selected.

Commonly used Chinese kitchen knives include chopping knives. Chopping knives have blunt blades. Be careful when using them. Chopping knives are not often used in households. A chopper can be used to chop open hard bones. In addition, there are more professional skinning knives, which are specially used for peeling, removing fish scales, and digging holes as auxiliary knives in the kitchen. It is more flexible to use, and it is also one of the must-have knives in the family.

Kitchen tips: common sense of using knives

1. For cutting bones and meat, please use them separately according to different purposes. Knives are not suitable for cutting or cutting hard objects such as metal and wood.

2. When cutting bones, it is advisable to touch the bone with the heel of the blade and drop the knife vertically. If the bone is stuck on the edge of the knife, it is not advisable to shake it from side to side and pull out the edge of the knife. The correct method is to lift the bone and the knife together and chop again until the bone breaks. Otherwise, it will cause the blade to break steel into an arc-shaped gap, which is improper use and is not covered by the warranty.

3. After each use, the knives should be cleaned, wiped dry, smeared with cooked cooking oil, and placed in a ventilated, dry place, away from water and gas channels to prevent rust. (Stainless steel knives will produce macular spots when exposed to carbon monoxide gas, which should be prevented).

4. The kitchen knife and scissors are rusty. Use a piece of sweet potato to carefully wipe it several times, and then wipe it clean with a rag. After the kitchen knife is rusted, soak the knife in the rice-washing water for 3 hours to remove the rust.

5 Knife water grinding method: When the knife is blunt, add water and grind it back and forth on the whetstone at an angle of 15-20 degrees to make it sharp.

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