Gear cutter manufacturing process


The tool manufacturing equipment currently used in Euro […]

The tool manufacturing equipment currently used in Europe has basically been numerically controlled. CAD / CAM / CAPP technology has been widely used in the design and manufacture of cutting tools. Operators only need to enter the drawing number of the cutting tool, and the CNC machining machine can automatically extract the machine tool adjustment and processing technology data from the central computer, and realize automatic processing.
The tool grinding uses a CNC tool grinder with a CNC wheel dresser, and is equipped with comprehensive processing software, which can automatically calculate and dress the wheel shape according to the tool profile. The gear hob turning and shoveling processes are performed on CNC lathes and CNC gear hobbing machines; the CNC hob grinding machine for shovel grinding uses a CNC wheel dresser to trim the grinding wheel. For hobs with a modulus less than 6mm, the Both sides of the tooth profile, the tooth top surface, the tooth bottom surface, the tooth top arc, and the tooth bottom arc can be processed by a single dressing wheel. The shape grinding of the shaper cutter adopts the principle of conical surface grinding (different from the grinding method of China's Y7125 grinder). It can guarantee the machining accuracy after reshaping the shaper. The chip groove of the shaver is processed by a CNC combing machine. The machine has good rigidity and fast stroke, which can guarantee the processing quality of both sides of the chip groove of the shaver, thereby prolonging the service life of the shaver; It is processed by CNC shaver grinder, which can grind various types of shaving cutters. The profile surfaces of the forming broach and spline broach are machined on a CNC surface grinder and a CNC spline grinder, respectively, using a CNC grinding wheel dresser for dressing, and shovel back grinding.
In terms of heat treatment of tools, both the gear hob and the gear shaper are quenched and tempered in a vacuum furnace; the shaver and broach are quenched in a salt bath. Most of the cutter marks are CNC laser marking machine lettering, exquisite and beautiful. Tool packaging is of high quality.

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