Automatic meat grinder use and precautions


1. When installing the meat grinder, it must be connect […]

1. When installing the meat grinder, it must be connected to the ground wire and equipped with a separate power switch.

2. Prepare the raw materials and utensils before the meat grinder, and be sure to place them steadily before using the meat grinder.

3. The supervisor designates specialized personnel to operate the meat grinder. Non-professionals are not allowed to use it without authorization.

4. Do not rinse directly with water when cleaning.

5. Ensure that the power switch of the meat grinder is kept in the off state and the power cord is not plugged in. Then check whether the propellers, blades, and the meat plate are properly installed, and check whether the meat grinder components meet the hygienic standards.

6. After passing the inspection and meeting the requirements for use, fasten the cover of the machine compartment, plug in the power cord, turn on the power switch on the machine, turn on the meat grinder, and observe whether the meat grinder can operate normally;

7. Do not bring your hands close to the meat inlet during the operation. The distance between your hands and the meat inlet should be kept above 15cm. Within 15cm is a dangerous zone. Tools must be used for operation in the dangerous zone. The length of special tools must be above 20cm.

8. Operators are not allowed to wear gloves to avoid dangers caused by gloves being twisted into the machine.

9. The meat grinder can only process dishes when it runs normally. When the meat is ground, the meat cannot be fed smoothly, and the randomly distributed feed rod must be used to squeeze the meat down. When the machine is running, it is never allowed to reach into the meat tube with your hands or other tools to avoid twisting your hands. Safety is the most important thing.

10. If jamming occurs during the meat grinder process, you must turn off the meat grinder and open the cover after the power is off. After cleaning the clogged material in the machine compartment, install the propeller, blade, and meat plate before processing. .

11. Automatic meat grinder The processed varieties are those approved by the central kitchen supervisor, and they are required to be skinless and boneless, and cut into meat pieces with a suitable cutting mouth. Without the consent of the supervisor, the meat grinder may not be used to process other varieties.

12. After the meat is minced, turn off the switch on the machine and cut off the power supply. Then remove the cover and the meat plate, take out the blade and the pusher, and clean the inside and outside of the meat grinder.

13. If there is any abnormal situation in the use of the meat grinder, the power supply should be turned off and reported for repair in time.

14. Maintenance: clean and clean after each use; add grease to the sprocket regularly, once every six months; pay attention to protect the blade, and if necessary, repair or replace it; do not start repeatedly, and do not work continuously for too long. Restart 5 minutes after stopping.

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1. If any faults such as electric leakage are found, the power supply should be cut off immediately, and an electrician should be repaired.

2. Before use, refer to the requirements of the instruction manual. Do not use strictly according to the operating procedures, and you will be responsible for the consequences if there is a problem.

3. The grounding wire must be protected.

4. After the work is finished, the machine should be cleaned once, the lid should be covered to ensure food hygiene, and lubricating oil should be added.

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